East meets West TOP 5 Chinese Business Cultural Distinctions

East meets West TOP 5 Chinese Business Cultural Distinctions

When East meets West at the negotiation table, Chinese business cultural differences visited the forefront. They hit foreign entrepreneurs who are just starting to do business in Asia as an avalanche of problems they’ve never ever experienced before.

Whenever East satisfies West, an experience that is unique be expected. Have you considered Top 10 business that is chinese differences? Simply Click and find out more!

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People, who were born in Asia and lived into the western for a number of years, can quickly outline these company social differences between Chinese and Western countries.

Yang Liu, an artist and a designer that is visual was created in Asia and contains been located in Germany because the chronilogical age of 14. Yang experienced the differences between the two cultures first-hand. To express her knowledge in a creative, yet unusual, method, she created several minimalistic visualizations making use of just symbols and forms .

The blue side represents Germany and, ergo, Western culture. (més…)